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Family Law
bullet Dissolution of Marriage
bullet Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships
bullet Property, Custody, and Support Issues
bullet Paternity Cases
bullet Custody and Support Modification Actions
bullet Premarital Agreements and Agreements During Marriage
bullet Nonmarital Cohabitation Actions


For over 25 years, Douglas A. Bagby has been recognized among his peers as an outstanding lawyer and has had an "AV" rating, the highest level of professional excellence and ethical standards, by Martindale-Hubbell. Mr. Bagby has also been recognized for many years by Los Angeles Magazine as a Southern California "Super Lawyer" in family law matters. Mr. Bagby has had outstanding results in civil and family law matters for the past 40 years, including, among others, the Guinness Book of World Records largest settlement for the woman who co-owned the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Kings, 87% of the Washington Redskins, and The Forum of Inglewood.

The goal of Douglas A. Bagby and his associates in family law matters is to make every effort to obtain the best result supported by the relevant facts and applicable law as expeditiously as possible through informal settlement discussions or mediation when that is possible, sometimes with the assistance of retired Superior Court family law judicial officers or others who serve as mediators or who may also serve as private judges to resolve issues in dispute. Sometimes it is simply not possible to resolve issues in a particular family law matter on fair and reasonable terms even with the assistance of a retired judicial officer, or other mediator, and in such matters Mr. Bagby will seek to obtain the best results obtainable based upon the relevant facts and applicable law through a trial. Mr. Bagby is also available to mediate matters if both parties are willing to make a commitment to make reasonable compromises based upon the law and the applicable facts.

Mr. Bagby has always been very competitive in academics and athletics and believes the enormous investment of time he has made in his education and career has permitted him, with the assistance of his associates and staff, to provide legal services to clients at the very highest level in a legal community which includes many very fine lawyers. Mr. Bagby has always considered it a very special privilege to be able to assist clients in resolving issues in family law matters during what is often a very difficult and stressful time in their lives and, unfortunately, also a very difficult and stressful time in the lives of their children.

Mr. Bagby is supported in his law practice by experienced associate counsel along with an outstanding staff of experienced and capable assistants who are committed to the goals of Mr. Bagby for clients of the firm.


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