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Family Law
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bullet Premarital Agreements and Agreements During Marriage
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Harry M. Fain, former Chairman of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association, and former President of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, made the following comments concerning Mr. Bagby in a letter dated April 24, 2001: "Over the years, during my representation of clients in family law matters, including many celebrities, business executives from every industry, doctors, attorneys, judges, etc., I have had the opportunity to observe the lawyering skills of many of the finest family law lawyers in California. Over the past 16 years, I have conferred with Douglas A. Bagby on a wide variety of significant and complex family law matters, and I also have had the opportunity of observing Mr. Bagby perform as lead trial counsel in several substantial, complex and vigorously-contested matters against prominent and highly respected attorneys. In my opinion, Mr. Bagby is at the top of a very elite group of the finest of trial lawyers, and I highly recommend Mr. Bagby as an attorney in any civil litigation matter, particularly any substantial and complex family law matter."

An attorney who was a member of a jury during a seven week trial in which Mr. Bagby was the lead trial counsel in 1998 made the following comments in a letter to Mr. Bagby following the successful jury verdict: "I would like to commend you on the spectacular job that you did insuring that justice was served. In my meager 7 years of litigation experience, I have never seen, or (thankfully!) opposed an attorney with your command of the courtroom, the Rules of Evidence, and the English language..."

January 10, 2012

....... You, Doug, representing me, made it possible for me to build and successfully keep, a relationship of love, trust and caring with my two children that exists to this day. That relationship did not exist before you entered the case. And it would just not have been possible without your endurance and foresight.

I was able to spend, in the end, more than half of every year with my children as they went through elementary and then high school.

To this day the three of us are very close and I know I owe that to you.
Thank you, Doug, for making a future for me and for my children that I did not know I could even have had.  Jim

January 4, 2012


January 5, 2012

As a Litigation Attorney and Managing Partner of a large group of attorneys, I am particularly aware of the importance of obtaining as well as providing  quality legal representation.  From my perspective, good legal representation provides the client with a proper evaluation of the facts and the law so the client – NOT the attorney – can make an informed decision regarding the various options that he or she has.  My experience with the Doug and Bruce was very positive.  They provided me with extremely good representation which allowed me to reach a fair resolution in a case which involved complex issues and millions of dollars of property without the necessity of litigation.  Such a resolution allowed me to save substantial attorney fees and costs while also permitting us to avoid the acrimony of litigation over custody and financial issues.   Thanks to you  both as well as your pleasant staff for such effective and pleasant representation! [name omitted]

January 9, 2012

My name is ........and I am the President of an electronics firm that manufactures extremely precise and highly reliable electronic components, many of which are used for critical defense applications and highly demanding flight into space. The exacting nature of my work and the constant search for perfection transfers into many aspects of my personal life.

Seventeen years ago, the unexpected happened, and I found myself in need of a Family Law attorney. Knowing that finding the right individual to represent me would be of extreme importance in regards to the amount of time that I would get to spend with my newly born son and the extent to which I would be able to mitigate the damage to my financial future; I approached the search for the best firm and individual to represent me as a life critical mission.  The thorough research and numerous personal interviews that I conducted yielded a short list of highly regarded and very capable Family Law attorneys.  Amongst them, my first, and as the results would verify, very good choice, was Douglas A. Bagby. His superior knowledge of the law, attention to detail and highly refined ability for critical thinking at complex junctures were all essential to the very favorable settlement that we were able to achieve.

Doug’s outstanding character and admirable personal qualities also led to a great friendship between us. I was very fortunate to find Douglas Bagby when I needed the best lawyer. I am even more fortunate to have him as my lifelong friend!   [name omitted] 

January 10, 2012

I was continually stalked by the same man for four years.  I hired Mr. Bagby as my attorney and could not be happier with my decision to do so.  Doug Bagby helped to secure a restraining order and a ten year criminal protective order for me against my stalker.  Doug was not only an excellent, compassionate attorney but he was also a good friend during a very emotional time in my life. [name omitted]

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